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The Latin American Free Software Installation Festival (FLISoL InstallFest) is the largest advocacy event of Free Software in Latin America. It's held since 2005 and since 2008 it adopted the 4th Saturday of April each year. Its main objective is to promote the use of free software, showing to the general public his philosophy, scope, progress and development.

To this purpose, various free software local communities (in each country / city / town), simultaneously organize events in which is installed, free of charge and completely legal, free software on the computers provided by the attendees. Furthermore, in parallel, will offer lectures, presentations and workshops on topics of local, national and Latin American Free Software works, in all their range of expression: artistic, academic, business and social.

About FLISOL 2010 González Catán

InstallFest FLISOL 24 de abril de 2010 - Instituto Superior Tecnológico Blaise Pascal
http://www.flisol.info/FLISOL2010/Argentina/Gonzalez_Catan - flisol@institutopascal.edu.ar